Welcome to Personalized Rituals

Welcome to Personalized Rituals

Welcome to Personalized RitualsWelcome to Personalized Rituals

About Us


Judy Kaye designs and leads meaningful, transformative rituals for significant life transitions.  Her ceremonies:

  • Deepen connection with Judaism and personal spirituality
  • Integrate traditional and innovative elements
  • Are egalitarian and inclusive
  • Honor multicultural or interfaith identity, affirm same sex families, and accommodate special needs
  • Are welcoming and accessible to people from any or no faith background


Our Process

Before creating your ritual, Judy will interview you about your background and goals, your wishes and concerns. She is easy to talk to - warm, genuine, open-minded and non-judgmental. She will design a program that fits your unique needs, style and circumstances. On the day of the event, Judy will provide a welcoming, authentic, inclusive and participatory atmosphere, so that you and your guests have a meaningful and satisfying experience.

Fees are determined on a case by case basis.

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Personalized Rituals

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